Our activities


Discover history and shared culture.

In this core area, Nova China Club is carrying out activities related to Chinese culture and history, while highlighting links and relations to Portugal and other countries. This includes a wide range of topics such as art, music, dance, language and food among others. For example, Nova China Club organized a calligraphy workshop and a lecture on Chinese history.


Explore past and future developments.

Nova China Club aims at providing insights into China-related social and economic developments. The format of this core area extends from news updates, research pieces to conferences with external speakers. For instance, Nova China Club supported a conference on the Belt and Road Initiative.


Engage with actors from the private and public sector.

Nova China Club focuses on establishing links to corporate and other stakeholders with the goal to provide students with practical insights into doing business in China and to inform students about China-related career opportunities. At the same time, our platform offers other stakeholders immediate access to a pool of talented students interested in China and Asia as well as direct communication channels to the community at Nova School of Business and Economics. For example, Nova China Club organized company visits and career events in the past.